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Thor's hammer is a powerful Viking age symbol, representing the thunder god, slayer of giants, protector of mankind, son of Odin, Thor! 


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Thor's hammer is probably the most famous of all Norse symbols, representing both a powerful weapon and a strong tool. Thor was the common man's god, and as such, many different Thor's hammer pendants have been discovered in archaelogical digs. This hammer commemorates Thor's famous battle with the midgard serpent, a sort of man versus nature theme. 


Constructed entirely from stainless steel, this necklace is mounted on 22 inche byzantine weave chainmail necklace, with fierce wolf's head terminals, representing Odin's companion animals, Geri and Freki. A large, stainless clasp allows the necklace to be worn easily, and it hangs mid to upper chest on most folks. 


Delivery times, in theory:

Canada: 1 weeks

USA: 2-3 weeks

Deluxe Thor's hammer necklace, with wolf's head terminals, stainless steel

SKU: Dlx ss thor
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