Celtic knots and knotwork are still universally famed for their intricate beauty to this day. Celtic and Viking culture borrowed, stole and raided from each other, and the triquetra appears in both Celtic and Norse designs. The traditional meaning of this triskele represents how things come in threes, for example, maiden, mother, crone. A runic border completes this pendant, bringing the strength of the Viking runes to bear.

This pendant represents the cycle of life, and can be worn to express a love of the natural world and our connection to it.

Cast in a lead free pewter alloy and mounted on a 25 inch, hypo-allergenic iron chain, which has been powder coated to give it an antiqued look.


Delivery times are, theoretically:
USA: 1-3 weeks
Canada: 1 weeks
International: Typically 2-4 weeks

Triskele, Viking style trinity knot necklace

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