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The Valknut is a powerful old Norse symbol, incoroporating three interwined triangles and associated with the All-Father of the Viking gods, Odin.




The Valknut is an ancient symbol of duty, sacrfice and is found on numerous stone carvings, sometimes depicting a warrior chosen by Odin, hence the nickname, "death knot". In a modern sense, the Valknut is often to worn to show ones connection to Odin, and thus to one's ancestral pagan roots. 

Constructed entirely from stainless steel, this necklace is mounted on 22 inche byzantine weave chainmail necklace, with fierce wolf's head terminals, representing Odin's companion animals, Geri and Freki. A large, stainless clasp allows the necklace to be worn easily, and it hangs mid to upper chest on most folks. 


Delivery times, in theory:

Canada: 1 week

USA: 2-3 weeks

The model featured is Nina Sapphira. 

Deluxe Valknut necklace, with wolf's head terminals, stainless steel

SKU: DLX SS Valknut
  • Buyer to pay return shipping.

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