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Like all Thor's hammers, this pendant represents strength, and brings that concept into the modern realm by including a pentagram, to represent the positive aspects of modern magick. Wear it to honor the strength of your ancestors, wear it for good luck in daily life, or wear it simply for style!


And remember, Ragnar's prices include shipping. That's right, FREE SHIPPING.


Thor's hammer (Mjolnir) represents strength, might and is a protection symbol; however a hammer can also be used to craft things, to create, and by channeling the energies of the five senses through the pentagram, this necklace is a talisman for strength in creating.

Cast in lead free pewter from a mould, this pendant is mounted on a hypo-allergenic, 25 inch long "antiqued" iron chain.

For ease of wear, this pendant is flat on the back.


Delivery times are, in theory,


Canada: 1 weeks
USA: 1-3 weeks
International: Please ask

And no, the hand of Ragnar is not included...

Thor's hammer necklace, strength and creativity talisman

SKU: Penta hammer
  • Buyer to pay return shipping.

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