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Thor's hammer pendants have long been worn as a symbol of strength - Thor is, after all, the strongest of the Norse gods, and as such, was beloved and worshiped by everyone in the Viking times.


And remember, Ragnar's prices include shipping. That's right, FREE SHIPPING.

This wonderful necklace - Mjolnir - is cast from a mold in pewter and features sharp, crisp knotwork details. Based on a historical find, the original was hand carved by Ragnar and then a mold was made, allowing Ragnar to make multiples easily.

Mounted on a 25 inch, "antiqued" hypo-allergenic iron chain.


Delivery times are, in theory,


Canada: 1 weeks
USA: 1-3 weeks
International: Please ask

And no, the hand of Ragnar is not included...

Thor's hammer necklace, small and well detailed

SKU: first hammer
  • Buyer to pay return shipping.

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