They're back! Sword surprise packs, just in time for the holidays!


Each pack contains:

A real full steel sword

A carved drinking horn cup (note each cup is different)

A leather grimoire (journal)

A skaldic necklace

A real leather dice bag

A chainmail bracelet

A re-usable face covering

PLUS one or two bonus items.

Each pack will contain $300 (or more) of stuff,




Sadly, no international shipping on surprise packs.




Buyer pledges they are over 19 at time of purchase.


Delivery times, in theory:

Canada: 1 weeks

USA: If you really want one, it costs $40 US to ship it to you.

International - sorry, no shipping on these.

Sword surprise pack, holiday 2020 edition

SKU: Sword pack
  • Sadly, there is no international shipping on surprise packs.

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