In Old Norse texts, Odin is depicted as one-eyed and long-bearded, wearing a cloak and a broad hat, and riding his eight legged horse, Sleipnir. Sleipnir is one of Loki's children (mythology is weird) and could run so fast as to fly, making it possible for Odin to travel across the nine worlds of the Norse cosmos in search of new wisdom.


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This leather patch can be worn as a badge towards gaining new wisdom; as a symbol of nature and our connection to it; or to show belief in Odin and the old Norse gods. Made from rich brown leather, and measuring 3 inches by 3 inches (8cm by 8cm) with holes for stitching pre-punched. Ragnar recommends gluing the patch in place with some sort of glue, such as a glue gun or even white glue, and then stitching it on to the fabric or garment of your choice.

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Sleipnir leather sew on patch, eight legged steed of Odin

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