Thor's hammer necklaces have long been worn as a symbol of strength - Thor is, after all, the strongest of the Norse gods. This hammer is large, heavy, and very solid. Great for modern Vikings!


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Thor rides a chariot pulled by two goats, Gnasher and Biter, and this necklace highlights them, as well as the Thurisaz rune (which makes a th sound despite looking like a p).

This pendant is made from lead free pewter, cast from a mold, and comes mounted on a 25 inch stainless steel chain.

Additionally, it features carvings and details on the back.


Delivery times are, theoretically:

USA: 1-3 weeks
Canada: 1 weeks
International: 2-4 weeks

And no, the hand of Ragnar is not included...

Premium Thor's Hammer necklace, stainless steel chain

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