This Viking patch features a dual wolf motif, and represents the cycle of day and night, of death and rebirth, and can be worn as a talisman of endurance and creativity.

The two wolves are the sons of Fenrir, Hati and Skoll, one of whom chases the sun and the other the moon, both trying to devour the light (and thus why the sun and moon set and rise).

In Scandinavian mythology, it is fated that during Ragnarok, the wolves will succeed and devour the sun and the moon, but the Vikings looked at each dawn as another night that the wolves failed in their chase and thus took a cheerier outlook on life.

Made of black cloth, with an iron on backing and white stitching. Measuring about 3 inches (8cm) by 3 inches (8cm).


Delivery times are, in theory:

Canada: 1 weeks
USA: 1-3 weeks
International: 2-4 weeks

And no, the hand of Ragnar is not included!

Norse mythology iron on patch, Viking wolf motif

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