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The Vikings used runes for divination (as well as a writing system) back in the day, and now you can connect with your ancient ancestors and gain some valuable insight into your life.


FREE shipping to Canada and the USA.

This kit includes everything you need to start casting - the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark, each one engraved with the rune, it's name, corresponding letter in English and it's simplified traditional meaning, so that you won't even need to consult a book! Although a sheet with some additional information and casting techniques is included, and so is a premium, genuine leather carrying bag. The rune tiles are made from wood.

Happy casting!


Delivery times are, theoretically:

Canada: 1 weeks
USA: 1-3 weeks
International: please ask

Learn the Runes Kit - Everything you need to start

  • Buyer to pay return shipping.

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