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People have been asking Ragnar, how can I make my bathroom look barbaric but still be clean? 


Okay, fine, no one has asked this. But people have asked Ragnar if he could make a horn soap dish...and now he has!


FREE shipping to Canada or the USA.


Made from a single piece of horn, this horn soap dish is 5 inches long(13cm), 3.5 inches wide(9cm) and 1.5 inches deep (4cm). So it fits a standard bar of soap very well, and the drainage holes in the bottom help keep your soap from getting mushy. 


And, alas, no, the bar of soap shown is not included. 



Typically 1 week to Canada

Usually 2 weeks, sometimes 3 to the USA

Horn soap dish, hand-crafted barbarian bathroom decor

SKU: W soap 1
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