All the primal enjoyment of a drinking horn...but with the modern convenience of a flat bottom.

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A beautiful Norse style knotwork dragon has been carved into this mug using a scrimshaw technique where the design is carved in and then filled in with paint to highlight the details.

This horn tankard holds around half a pint of beverage (10 oz or 250ml), and has a very unique look, with as much character as the man who created it. Great for medieval feasts, Viking binge drinking or just plain enjoying an ale.

The cup and handle are made from one piece of horn, with different colors on the front and back sides, and the base is made from a solid piece of wood. It's been sealed water tight with beeswax, and is best with cold drinks. Beer, mead, wine, apple juice...whatever beverage you want, really. This tankard has been finely sanded, and then highly polished, giving it a nice sheen.



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Dragon carved drinking horn mug, small

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