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Ragnar is delighted to present: CANDLES!


These 8 oz soy wax candles are handmade in Edmonton by Ragnar's good friend Of Thyme and Thread, and feature absolutely lovely scents. Each jar also has a little surprise under the lid - signature scent bits embedded in the wax! 


Evergreen Forest is a lovely, richly scented candle. "Are you a real tree or fake tree kind of person? With a nice blend of Fir, Pine and Juniper essential oils, folks will be exclaiming - wow, it smells like a real tree in here". Strong notes of pine, juniper and fir, with a burn time of about 45 hours. 


Shipping makes these candles expensive online, Ragnar reccomends picking one up in person at a market if you can!


Delivery times:

Canada: about one week

USA: 2, maybe 3 weeks

Candle, Evergreen Forest, smells like a Canadian woods

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