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This beautiful, practical, fully functional work of art features a damacus blade made of  512 layers of 15N20 and 1095 high carbon steels, and comes with a brown leather sheath.


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The handle is made from cow bone. The blade length is 3 inches, the handle is 4 inches and the overall length is 7 inches. Its sturdy, has a nice weight with some heft, and would make a great camping/multipurpose knife, or a wonderful show piece. It is sharp; but not too sharp. If you want to chop stuff with it, the sharpness now is perfect. If you want to slice paper, Ragnar recommends you sharpen it further. It will get shaving sharp with some time on a stone and a leather strop.


Ragnar also recommend not storing it in the sheath, and keeping it oiled when not in use.


The Buyer assumes all responsibilities for the legal importation of this knife (Canadian addresses need not worry) and the Buyer pledges that they are over 19 at the time of purchase.




Delivery times are:

Canada: 1 week

USA: 1-3 weeks


Bone handled damascus knife, with sheath

SKU: SM bone dam
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