Blowing horns were in use long before the Vikings, and long after too, yet the image of a Norseman at the prow of a longship sounding a horn just sticks in the mind.


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Whether being used to signal the start of a raid, to issue commands in battle, or simply to say time to wake up, blowing horns are hard to ignore. This particular blower is about 15 inches (38 cm) long; it is made from a nicely colored, nicely curved longhorn cow's horn, and makes a loud, blasting, hard to ignore sound. This horn features a metal trumpet mouthpiece, which has several advantages: first off, it's much easier to sound, and secondly, different tones and notes are achievable with practice.

Finely sanded on the outside and smooth to the touch.

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Blowing horn, Viking style, with metal mouthpiece

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