Blowing horns were in use long before the Vikings, and long after too, yet the image of a Norseman at the prow of a longship sounding a horn just sticks in the mind. Whether being used to signal the start of a raid, to issue commands in battle, or simply time to wake up, blowing horns are hard to ignore.


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This particular blower is about 20 inches (51 cm) long; it is made from a nicely colored, nicely curved, extremely wide cow's horn, and makes a loud, deep, grab your attention noise. Because of it's size, this is one of the loudest horns Ragnar has for sale. This blowing horn features a metal trumpet mouthpiece, which has several advantages: first off, it's much easier to sound, and second off, different tones and notes are achievable with practice.

Finely sanded and then polished on the outside, this blowing horn is smooth to the touch.

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Blowing horn, beautiful and loud, wide and deep

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