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Beard beads! Viking men loved to adorn their beards with beads, made of either glass or metal. This set of two runic beads are cast in lead free pewter, and represent the strength of the gods. Each bead is half an inch tall.


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The first rune, Ansuz, literally is the god rune, and is usually used to represent a male deity, and is sometimes known as the rune of man, or male energy. In English, this is the "A" rune.

The second rune is Uruz, which means aurochs (oxen), and represents strength. In English, this is the "U" rune.

Put them together and you get "strong man". How appropriate for a beard is that?

Each bead is multi faceted, with three sides, so they look great even if they move around a little.


Delivery times are, in theory,

USA: 1-3 weeks
Canada: 1 weeks
International: Please ask

Beard beads, Elder Futhark runes, set of two

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