MYYAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Well, if you've ever watched He-Man, you've no doubt heard Skeletor make this sound!

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Skeletor is, of course, the famous nemesis from our beloved childhoods. This pin would be great for lapels, battle vests, denim jackets, purses, bags and backpacks. Coloured enamel on silver brass, and measuing 1.75 by 1.25 inches (4.5 by 3.2 cm).


Made using a Cloisonné method, the pin is stamped out from a sheet of brass. The stamping leaves recessed areas, or pools, which are filled with enamel powder and high fired at 800 – 900 degrees. After cooling, the surface of the pin is ground down to a smooth finish and then the brass is plated. There is a butterfly clutch (sometimes called a military clutch) on the back, which is the most common, and most practical way of securing a pin. For long term, permanent placement, Ragnar suggests putting some glue on the post to completely lock the clutch in place.




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Awesome Skeletor pin, enamled metal

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