This is your chance to own a piece of history! This is an undated antique knife, with some cool history behind it - at one point, this was a sabre, which broke, possibly in battle, and was then converted into a dagger. Because of this, there is a very nice, large grip wire wrapped leather handle, and a sturdy black leather sheath.


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12 inches overall length, with a 6 inch handle and a 6 inch blade. Overall, for being who knows how many years old, this piece is in good shape. The handle is brass wire wrapped leather, and the blade is high carbon steel. The blade is still sharp, and this could be a functioncal piece, or an awesome collectible.

Ragnar recommends keeping it oiled when not in use.


The Buyer assumes all responsibilities for the legal importation of this knife (Canadian addresses need not worry) and the Buyer pledges that they are over 19 at the time of purchase.



Delivery times are, in theory,


Canada: 1 weeks
USA: 1-3 weeks
International: Please ask

And no, the hand of Ragnar is not included...

Antique knife made from a sword, own a piece of history

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